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Golden Visa Program

Investing in an alternative residency unlocks the potential for individuals to become global citizens. We have paved the way for a better, brighter, and safer future for individuals and their families by possessing the necessary grit, knowledge and extensive network of Certified Partners to achieve your unique goal.
Upon investing 250,000 Euros up to 800,000 Euros in a residential and/or commercial property in Greece, the investor and their family (children under the age of 24) are eligible to obtain a Permanent Residence Visa, otherwise known as Golden Visa, which can be renewed every 5 years and as long as the property remains in the ownership of the investor.
We are committed to delivering the industry’s best real estate solutions through our customer oriented approach.
Our close partnerships with reputable professionals throughout Greece allow us to offer only the finest locations and properties with the highest quality service standards. We continuously strive to provide clients with the best opportunities and advice, maximizing savings and return on investments.

Selling or buying a home

Selling or buying a home may very well be one of the largest financial transactions of your life. Therefore, it is imperative you retain the best real estate legal team available, who can assist you through the process from offer through closing.
- While selling your home may seem like it should be a simple and straight-forward process, it is in fact overflowing with minute details that can be easily overlooked by a non-professional. While such details may seem insignificant at the time, handing any single one of them improperly can leave you open to having the buyer, their attorney, or anyone else involved take advantage of you. Our job is to prevent that.
- Included in our legal representation for your sale is a thorough review of the Real Estate Contract with you to answer all of your questions, make sure you understand all of its aspect, and to ensure all of the provisions are written in order to best serve your interests and criteria. Other services we perform on your behalf, saving you the time and headache of handling them on your own, are the engineer's certificates of non-arbitrariness, your tax and insurance information, the property titles of the property for sale, the certificate of the transfer to the competent Mortgage Office, the cadastral extract of the property statement from the competent Tax Office in which it is stated that the specific property is included in your property declaration, i.e. documents and certificates required for the completion of the process of sale of your property.
- Next, we then work alongside our team of notary publics to prepare you, the property, and the transaction as a whole for the actual closing. This includes, but is not limited to, drafting all of the necessary closing documents such as the notarized pre-contract and the notarized final sale contract.
- Lastly, we schedule the closing to best work for you. This can include drafting a Power of Attorney. With the Power of Attorney, you may come to our notary any time before the closing itself and sign the necessary documents, which takes about ten minutes. Doing this avoids you having to attend the closing yourself, which can take several hours or longer to complete, depending upon the lender’s responsiveness and other factors outside of your control.
- Buying a home in Greece can be a daunting process with many possible pitfalls along the way. As buying your home may well be the most important financial decision you make in your life, it can very quickly become overwhelming and intimidating. That is why it is critical to have the best team of real estate professionals in your corner.
- A real estate attorney assists you in reviewing the many documents you must sign from the offer all the way through the closing. As the legal landscape is always changing, in all areas, it is important you choose not only an attorney, but an entire law firm that concentrates primarily in real estate.
- Our number one priority is to protect your best interests. Therefore, our representation for buyers begins with a detailed overview and explanation of arguably the most important part of the transaction, the Real Estate Contract. Rather than simply telling our clients to “trust us,” we work tirelessly to make sure all of your questions are answered, and that you understand fully what you are signing.
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Other immigration programs

I. Financially Independent Persons
After the implementation of Law 5038/2023, the residence permit for Financially Independent Persons (FIP) will be called “Residence permit for people with sufficient financial means” (Residence Permit type I.8). More specifically, it is provided that if a citizen of a third country has received an entry visa (National Visa - type D) as a person with sufficient means of living, she/he can request from the Aliens and Immigration Department of hers/his place of residence the granting of a residence permit, by proving that has sufficient resources, at a level of stable annual income, to cover living expenses. The amount of sufficient resources shall be set at a minimum of two thousand (2,000) euros per month. If the aforementioned conditions are met, the third country citizen receives a residence permit for three (3) years, which can be further renewed for another three (3) years, as long as the same requirements are fulfilled. If the third-country national in question is accompanied by members of his/her family, this amount is increased by 20% for the spouse and 15% for each child.
II. Digital Nomads
Greece is a particularly popular destination for Digital Nomads, i.e. third country nationals who are self-employed, freelance or employed who work remotely using technological means. Third country nationals who meet the requirements of the applicable Law 5038/2023 to qualify as Digital Nomads have the potential to apply for residence permit in Greece. An obligatory condition is that he/ she has sufficient resources at the level of fixed income (3,500 euros per month), to cover his subsistence expenses during hers/his stay in the country without burdening the national social security system. Digital Nomads can be accompanied by their family members, i.e. the spouse (wife or partner with a civil partnership agreement) and the children under 18 years old.
III. Greek citizenship
It can be acquired either by descent or by naturalization.
IV. Other residency permits in accordance with law 5038/2023
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Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments can be very different from a traditional transaction. Having a dedicated real estate attorney on your team can mean the difference between a successful, prosperous investment and walking into a money pit.
As an investor, you might need a real estate attorney to help decipher mortgage documents or leases, to come into compliance with municipal laws and regulations, to work out boundary disputes or survey issues, to draft construction agreements, or to structure the appropriate business entity for your investment goals. By hiring an experienced real estate attorney, you can rest easy knowing that you have accounted for all potential risks on your investment.
The laws are continuously changing, so it is important for your attorney to be familiar with these changes in real-time. You want to put your investment in the hands of an experienced real estate attorney on your team.
By hiring our team of experienced attorneys, who solely focus on real estate matters, you can make sure each transaction goes smoothly, limit your liability, and ultimately save yourself time and money.
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